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Unleashed is an online inventory management software for small, medium, and large businesses. If you are already using Unleashed for your inventory management, our eCommerce system can be linked to your Unleashed account and configured to sync catalogues, products, pricing, and stock. Our eCommerce system also provides the option to submit draft invoices to Unleashed.

In order to link with your Unleashed account, select the "API/Accounting" link available under your shopping page main menu. The link opens the API listing page which lists all the available integration options. Click "Unleashed Online Inventory Software Setup" from  the list to set up and configure the Unleashed integration. You will then see the screen below, which prompts you to enter your API login information.

Please note: The unleashed control panel has been updated since this help faq has been published
As such some screens may look different than those shown below:


The API ID and Key can be obtained by visiting this link and logging in using your Unleashed username and password. Click "Save Settings" to save your settings. This might take a while the first time. Once the setup is complete, the Unleashed configuration screen as shown below is loaded with the default configuration settings.

The following are the available configuration options for Unleashed Integration.

Syncing cart with Unleashed product groups

In this configuration section, Unleashed product groups can be configured to sync with your shopping page. This section lists all the available Unleashed product groups with the "Sync Setting" set to "Don't Sync" by default. The other options available for "Sync Setting" are "Sync All Products" and "Sync Selected Products".

  • If "Don't Sync" is selected for a product group, the products under that group are not synced with the shopping page.
  • Select "Sync All Products" if all the products under that group are to be synced with the shopping page.
  • If only the selected products are to be synced with the shopping page, select "Sync Selected Products" and click on "Set Selection" to make a product sync.

If the shopping page category name is different from the Unleashed product group name, the product group name can be given a different display name. Once the configuration is complete, click on "Save Groups Settings" to save the settings.

In order to import products, they need to be in categories/groups already. You can also sync by product code if your products already exist and have matching codes


  • unleashed ProductCode = our p_code
  • unleashed ProductGroup.GroupName = our Category Title

Product Price Tier Mapping

In this configuration section, Unleashed product pricing tiers can be mapped to your shopping page product price groups. "Default Sell Price" is selected for the main product price and "No Pricebook" option is selected for other member price groups. Depending upon the Unleashed price tier selected, the Shopping page product's price gets synced. 

Stock Level Update

In this section, your shopping page product stock level can be chosen to sync with Unleashed's stock level. By default the stock level is not Synced. If the "All Warehouses" option is selected, the stock level will be synced with the overall Unleashed stock level.

Send Draft Invoice to Unleashed

If draft invoices are to be posted to Unleashed, tick the "Record sales in Unleashed" option in this section. If this option is ticked, whenever an order is successful, an invoice gets posted to Unleashed. It is recommended you keep an online sales register in Unleashed and depending upon your shopping page setup, the following details are to be set in Unleashed and configured in this section:

  • Create a guest customer in Unleashed under which online sales are recorded and enter the customer in "Guest Customer Code"
  • Enter the "Default Warehouse Code" under which sales invoices are to be recorded.
  • Enter the "Default Tax Code" if the tax code used in Unleashed is different from "G.S.T."
  • If the shopping page has Vouchers, create an unlimited-stock product for Voucher in Unleashed and enter the product code in "Voucher Product Code"
  • If the shopping page has Discounts, create an unlimited-stock product for Discount in Unleashed and enter the product code in "Discount Product Code" 
  • If the shopping page has Freight configured, create an unlimited-stock product for Shipping in Unleashed and enter the product code in "Shipping Product Code" 
  • If the shopping page charges Transaction Fee, create an unlimited-stock product for Transaction Fee in Unleashed and enter the product code in "Transaction Fee Product Code"
  • Select the "Sale status" to be set to the invoices being posted from Shopping page.

Sync Process

The Unleashed sync process runs every day at midnight  to sync your Shopping page groups, products, pricing, and stock level based on the settings configured in the above sections. You can also manually sync by clicking the "Force Unleashed Sync" link in the settings screen. Invoice updatea happen in real-time on order confirmation and if there are error sending invoices,the details will be emailed.


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