Tips on Choosing a Website Colour Scheme

Tips on Choosing a Website Colour Scheme

Deciding on the perfec website colour scheme sounds easier than it is. Thankfully there are plenty of tools available to help you nail down the best colours. Today we'll share some of those tools with you, plus our top five tips on selecting the right colours for your website.

Top 5 Tips On Selecting a Website Colour Scheme

Selecting colours for your website is how you establish your brand identity. Your website is often the first point of contact a customer will have with you. It's what they'll make decisions and create an opinion about your business from. It's vital that you use colours which resonate with your target market. If you already have a logo, the colours of your brand will already be decided upon. What you will need to pick though are which ones you will use where and in what quanties. These five tips below will help you select a website colour scheme, whether you have a logo or not.

  1. Consider your target audience - what colours do they relate to? What feelings do you want them to have upon seeing your website? Are they mostly female or male?
  2. Understand colour psychology - learn about the way certain colours make you feel. Red can raise emotions and create urgency, while green is calming, and yellow grabs attention.
  3. Aim for a contrast in colours - the colour wheel is great at helping you select colours which work well with one another. If a colour is opposite it on the wheel, it makes a great contrasting colour!
  4. Stick with 2-3 colours - you'll want to have a main heading colour, a background colour and a link colour.
  5. Consider colour blind friendly colours - website usability is an important factor to consider. Be sure to choose colours which those suffering from colour blindness can easily see too.

Helpful Tools for Picking a Website Colour Scheme

Not everyone is a graphic designer, or has great taste in choosing colours. But these great feee online tools are ideal:

  • Colordot - you simply move your mouse over the screen, clicking when you reach colours you like.
  • Colourcode - similar to Colourdot
  • Palettr - you enter a word and see colour palettes inspired by it
  • Material Palette Design - you pick a colour and are shown a matching palette

Of course, our web designer is here ready to help! Let us offer suggestions on colours for your website and while we're at it, we'll design you one for free too! Contact us today to get it underway.

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Posted: Monday 15 October 2018